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A cloud based temperature data logger, is a portable measurement instrument that is capable of autonomously recording temperature over a defined period of time. If the device is online, the digital data can be retrieved , viewed , evaluated and after it has been sent to the server(Real time monitoring system).we can monitor the live data through Loggfi software. If the device is offline , the data will be stored into the device and send this data automatically to the server when it comes to online.

Why Loggfi?

▣   Temperature data logging via internal sensor
▣   Real time data monitoring
▣   Configurable high and low alarms with indicator
▣   Temperature -20 to +60°C
▣   Wireless connectivity to PC via WiFi
▣   Integrated display & 2kilobyte memory
▣   Easy set up using the PC software
▣   View and analyse multiple sensors via software, including graphing and historical data
▣   Rechargeable battery
▣   USB port used for recharging

Areas of application

▣   Process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industries
▣   Monitoring the food cold chain
▣   Monitoring in production, quality control and storage in industry
▣   Monitoring the temperature of blood in blood transfusion process.
▣   Monitoring of processes in research and development, laboratories and hospitals
▣   Monitoring the ambient transport conditions for temperature sensitive goods